Many citizens of the former Soviet Union associate very special memories with the songs on this CD since they grew up with them. These are the songs of their adolescence. Music they listened to on their transistor radios on the window sills and sounds from their treasured recording albums - records with its characteristic cracking noise. Almost everyone was accustomed to the lyrics which were known by heart. Most could sing along, no matter how simple or pathetic; how sentimental or sad. Juri Artamonov grew up with this music. Therefore, it is not astonishing that he feels a close bond with these compositions as they are the music of his childhood and youth even though most of the songs were composed long before his birth.

The idea to transform these Russian “traditionals“ into swing style has been present for a long period of time. In 2005, Juri shared his plans with the bass player, Martin Gehrmann from Osnabrueck, who was also dedicated to Swing in the tradition of Oscar Peterson. Martin supported Juri’s desire to perform music from the Soviet movies in swing style, fresh and new.

Aufnahmesession zu Moskauer Fenster

In 2007 Jochen Metze from Muenster joined the two musicians. The drummer was the ideal accompanist for the project „Moscow Windows“. On 16 February 2007, the three musicians met for their session in a studio. 16 compositions, most of them from the Soviet era, were selected by Juri Artamonov. The result: swinging, sometimes soft, often sparkling and well sophisticated versions of the famous “classics“ of Russian Jazz.