The concert repertoire of the “Windows of Moskow ", presented by the Russian Jazz-pianist Juri Artamonov is a compilation of SWING from his country. These variations are not – as one might expect – Russian traditionals, mainly associated with Russia; but adaptations of titles that nearly every Russian knows.

Since the 30ies, composers from old Soviet Music and revue movies drew Russians to the cinemas. Those evergreens became common heritage. Just like Marlene Dietrich and Friedrich Holländer for the WEST, Ljubow Orlowa and Isaak Dunajewskij stood for the EAST.

Juri Artamonov adopted the most prominent compositions from the movies of the 30ies and 60ies. He arranged these in a new way for his trio. His sophisticated piano techniques are always used with a sense of proportion. Juri’s virtuosity succeeds with the transformation to swing without altering the beauty of the original compositions.

The repertoire is extended by other famous Jazz compositions from the Soviet era, such as the Swing-Standard “Windows of Moskow” from the 50ies in the German adaptation performed by Lale Andersen.

Juri Artamonov - piano, Martin Gehrmann - bass, Jochen Metze - drums

Aufnahmesession zu Moskauer Fenster