The name of this formation is based on its founder, Muscovite Jazz Pianist Juri Artamonov. In his home town, he was student of the famous Jazz pianist and exceptional lecturer Evgeny Gretschischev. He studied master classes of “composition“ and “arrangement” with Prof. Igor Brill. As a newcomer, Juri Artamonov gained his first professional experiences in bars and Jazz clubs in the Russian Capitol. These experiences made him a highly requested Jazz pianist after his move to the West in 2000.

On one hand, Juri Artamonov is devoted to the virtuosity of an Oscar Peterson, and on the other, he plays with the sophisticated elegance of a Bill Evans. His instrumental skills range from the powerful play with the force of Mc Coy Tyner to that of Ahmad Jamal’s humorous and ironic style. His extraordinary technique always remains a means, never an ends by itself. It is always well fitted in the sense of "Keep Swinging".

Juri Artamonov`s two companions have been playing together since their time at the Conservatory in Enschede (Netherlands): Martin Gehrmann from Osnabrück is perfect bass player to accompany the play of Juri Artamonov. Both of them have a strong passion for the Oscar Peterson Trio, swing Style. Martin Gehrmann provides a solid foundation to the virtuous play of Juri Artamonov. This complimentary musical arrangement holds also true for drummer, Jochen Metze, from Munster. Playing mainly with brushes and operating rarely in the foreground, he is the gentle supporter for the swing with the laid back sound of this trio.

Juri Artamonov

Martin Gehrmann

Jochen Metze